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"The Gameznet Network" is a network of special interest websites consisting of over 35 very different section or categories which range from Aliens to Big Boys Toys, Computer Help to Business and more . Each section is constructed similarly and interconnected, each section also connects to relevent pages within our community portal and in addition pulls relevent dynamically updated information from the portal using rss and xml.

Within each section I have integrated various sources of relevent and targeted newsfeeds, articles, media files, products and matching merchants who provide items that appeal closeley to each portals "theme".

Each section is divided into the following categories:

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Networked Sites and portals Description The Internet Money Game The original Australian homepage of Gameznet. Home to games and a variety of free content pages that can be incorportated into other websites. The Gameznet special interest portal covering topics from Aliens to Dolphins, dirtbikes to dragons and more, over 35 special interest catagories.
the The weblicator software application I developed -Get your own Cash Generator Portal here. A site about keeping companion birds An Australian tribute site for the hottest band in the world kiss The international homepage of World Super Host providing information about web hosting and domain name registration. High quality personal web designer


In addition to the above websites the Gameznet network is made up of over 35 different Special Interest Catagories.
each catagory or "portal" caters to a very specific niche.
Developed by Andrew McMullen

The "Gameznet Network " consists of a a variety of niche websites or as I like to call them "Special Interest Portals". The main site for this is Thats where you can get the best overview of whats happening across the network.

Thesites in the gameznet network consist of over 30 different categories ranging from Aliens to Big Boys Toys, Computer Help to Business, kidstuff to newage and dinosaurs, sharks, dolphins and more etc.

Each section is currently being re-built on the wordpress platform. This is a big job and will take time. Each of the Special Interest portals are live blogs I am packing with fun features, videos, images, animated gifs and completely integrating into social networing sites to form some great new communities.

I am also inviting anybody interested in the topics to come on board as and apply to be an author. Interested parties should visit the site they would like to contribute to and contact me by leaving a comment on post related to becoming an Author.

Powered By GameznetGamezet's Special Interest Portal's

Check out the collection of Gameznet Special Interest Portals, you will find free picture galleries, downloads, news, reviews, web links, topsites, shopping, speciality articles, collectibles, posters, audio, video, Free Games and a whole lot more at Gameznet !

I invite any interested parties who have an interested in any of the topics we cover to visit our sites where you can Get Paid toWrite For Gameznet

1 Aliens, ufo's, conspiracy, nexus, greys, pleidians, cover-ups, galactic wars, truth, lies, video, documents,seta reticuli, secrets, sceptics
2 Australian Aussie content, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, Darwin, tours, kangaroos, outback, tv, foxtel, cable, Aussie, movies and Aus radio guides, Australian shopping, beaches, resorts, travel, tourists and tourism,
3 Big boys Toys dirt bikes, crusty demon, extreme sports, race cars, power tools, scooters, trucks, fishing, wrestling, babes, technology, toys and other GUY stuff
4 Business startups, planning, finances,stocks, currency, forex, investing,venture capital, payment systems, Internet marketing, money making,
5 Celebrations Christmas, Birthday, Easter, St Patrick's day, valentines day, mothers day, fathers day, cards, gifts, presents, shopping etc
6 Comics online comics, cartoons and webisodes, how to draw, animators, free gallery, animated gifs, submit your comics and artwork
7 Computers & Internet computer bargains, technology growth, home automation,3D, web design, webmasters, websites, beginners, newbies, intermediate, advanced
8 Dragons and Dinosaurs reptiles, merchandise, movies, museums, science, archaeology, finds, extinct, fantasy
9 Dolphins and Whales dolphin pictures, dolphin downloads, dolphin merchandise, help dolphins, dolphin shopping, dolphin links, information on dolphins, swim with dolphins
10 Education home schooling, teacher resources,students, schools, home education, books, courses, resources for schools, online tuition.

11 Free Stuff find online, downloads, templates, software, off-line freebies, free holidays, free cars, free magazines, free samples
12 Games computer games, PC games, playstation, nintendo, sega, commodore, atari, amiga, arcade, accessories, cases, roms, rams, hints, cheats, books, magazines, demo's, free games, buy games
13 Health healthy living, good eating, food ,wine, healing, heart, exercises fitness, weightloss, longevity, mind, body, soul, herbs, supplements,
14 Horror movies, comics, stories, scary stuff, crypt ,toxic, vampires, monsters, warewolves, freaky, halloween, fancy dress, zombies, evil dead, horror props,
15 Job Search job seeking, assistance, jobs, work, find a job, advertise a job, job network sites, work online, contracting, tendors
16 Jokes and Funnies jokes, animation's, funny pictures, audio pranks, comedy, riddles, funny games, laughs, funniest home videos,
17 kids stuff for kids, preschool, g rated, kidsline, children, education, fun, appropriate, for parents and kids to enjoy together.
18Media Madness screensavers, desktop themes, audio soundbites, fonts, desktop toys, pc media, icons, animated gifs, streaming video,
19Music   mp3, CD's,records, musician resources, guitar, guitarists, drums, keyboards, vocals, dj's, instruments, how to play, record, manage, buy, merchandise, bands, superstars, fan sites, dvd's
20New Age Spirituality, free energy, Astrology, esoteric, human growth, awareness, chakras, auras, tarot, stars
21News General world news, weather, top stories, rss and news feeds
22Online Games free online games, browser games, shockwave games, java games, download games
23Pets and Animals domestic, farm and exotic pets and animals, nature and wild , companions, welfare, conservation, protection, captivity, zoos, veterinary,
24 Search submission promotion optimisation, google, yahoo, msn, top sites,ffa links, hits and visitors, counters, site ranking and submission tools
25 Sharks hunters of the deep, great whites, shark fishing, jaws, pictures of sharks, grey nurse, hammerhead,
26 Space and the universe, nasa pictures, hubble space telescope, meteors celestial land sales, buy land on the moon, mars, space travel, commets, stars,
27 Sports and Fitness, sporting, activities, enhancements, exercise, ball sports, endurance sports, muscle sports, fitness and fun, get fit and live long,
28 TV and Movies television shows, latest release, reveiw vhs and DVD videos, cameras, cinema guides, movie making, divx, films
29 Useful Stuff home, handy tips, survival, converters, calculators, tools, ingenious devices, portals, bloggs, journals, downloads
30 Web 4 Women Women's interests, ladies, womens rights, fashion, makeup, shopping, accesories, magazines,

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