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Gameznet Presents

A resource for parents and children.

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Some great picture galleries to browse
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Welcome to Gameznet's KidsStuff, an online resource for parents and young Children. This section of Gameznet is all about helping parents find great kidsafe resources for young children We have found and listed sites and resources suitable for children from 0- 7 years of age. Parents will love them too!! Visit the sections above for various bits of fun. Don't forget the downloads link where you will find some great software which you can download and have fun playing with your children. Visit our Kids Shop for great links to toys and other items which you can purchase online!
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Useful Stuff


We have some great Kids Stuff coming very very soon ...
Kids Feature Site
A new kids or parenting site featured every month.

Green Kids Guide to Threatened SpeciesAustralia is home to more than one million species, many of which are found nowhere else in the world. About 85 per cent of flowering plants, 84 per cent of mammals, more than 45 per cent of birds, and 89 per cent of inshore, temperate-zone fish are endemic - that is they are only found in Australia. Discover 9 ways you can help protect native species from extinction. You really can make a difference, Very informative site that covers all Australian states and teritories!

A Perth Parent's Paper for everthing that's on in Perth for Kids

An Australian site that has been getting very good revues.

All the gross stuff that kids love

humprey bear is alive and kicking on the Internet

Lion - Kids Fact Sheet

Find out where lions come from and how big they can get. Victoria's zoos introduce Panthera leo.

Contemporary Art - Kids

Hey kids, check out work from artists in Australia and overseas. Have a look at the pictures sent in by other kids from Brisbane.

heaps of fun activities and info for Kids here

Bananas in Pyjamas Page

B1 and B2 information

The Simpsons

Bart, Lisa and all the gang


Hello Kitty game

eToys Favorites
Discover eToys at our eToys Favorites Shop. Find your favorite eToys products in one place.
Do you have a kids page or parenting resource? If so I would love to swap links with you. Please email me your site details if you would like to exchange links

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