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Andrew McMullen
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The Gameznet Dream

Gameznet started life as a small LAN (Local Area Network) and a dream of working with computers coupled with a love computer games.

The aim of "Gameznet " has always been to provide resources for people who have an interest in computers and to help them realise that computers are not somthing to fear but somthing that really can enhance their life and a tool that can be utilised to support almost ANY of their interests whether those interests are hobbies, business, or pure entertainment.
As well as being a multiple player gaming centre the Gameznet shop aimed to combine learning elements and fun to create a synergistic environment that would encourage people to not be afraid of technology and to use computers to enhance their lives both online and in the real world.
I aspired to wherever possible demonstrate the affordable emerging technologies to people in a fun and non threatening environment and help people to become familiar with technology by demonstrating it in a hands on environment showing visitors to the shop how technology can be used in affordable ways to have a great and positive impact on our everyday life as the technologies arrived. Gameznet also sought to provide information and fun specifically to computer "newbies" which I think we ALL ARE at various stages due to the fast pace that the technology moves at, every day we hear of new things hitting the market which can be confusing to old hands let alone someone just starting the venture into the uncharted worlds contained in a computer . More than that I endeavored to provide a location where people could come and have a look and a play with new and emerging technologies without the presures of a sales person trying simply to rack up another sale. Gameznet was a Gaming LAN and a learning centre, The first of its kind in Western Australia. Born in 1997 in the back of a signwriting workshop where I set up my first "Location" in an unused darkroom of all places., We grew from a few scattered PCs and parts and progresively created an inovative location with computers and staff to demonstrate the technology by letting people sit down and play with it. We organised LAN party after LAN party . People came from as far down as mandurah and as high as Darwin to play in our "Gaming Centre" , many, many miles Away!.
We ran a pc repair section, sold games, outsourcesd some electronic repair services and provided computer training sessions for locals in the LAN.

photos taken at Gameznet Shop 1997/98

We were struggling to get going financially but the concept was really buzzing in people that experienced the joys of black lit, air conditioned, full room, multiplayer gaming with overhead projector and puming background audio.
Since the close of the shop I have tried to keep the goals I had in mind and follow the same principals from the Gameznet website. I have provided what I beleive are the highest quality links and resources for a wide variety of interests with plenty of interactivity and updated information. Although there has always been an emphasis on games due to a passion for computer games that started when I saw my first Atari games console as a small child, Gameznet was about much more than just playing games. It was about embracing the future, following your dreams and setting goals which you strive for no matter how big the obsticles are!
I hope that the ideals I strived for in the shop have indeed carried on through the website and through my present day activities. I plan to continue to improve the Gameznet site and keep building it up and wish to see it successfully deliver exactlly what I have always intended and to provide an informative and fun website which will bring regular visitors back again and again to make use of the resources they can find here. eventually I hope to build enough traffic to generate an income from advertising, info-product sales and affiliate links which can be found throughout the site. In the table below you can follow my own personal history and the history of Gameznet. The shop dreams ended due to a bad partnership that pretty much destroyed all of my plans and ruined my life for many years however I have remained focused and held onto my dreams through all of the turmoil as I never lost beleif in those dreams and what I wanted to achieve in my life. The Gameznet site is only now just beginning to show signs of bringing those dreams back into reality in its present online form. One day I hope to see the Gameznet Store concept reincarnated whether by the same name or another with many locations bringing technology and people together in non threatening fun interactive and affordable environments catering to all ages and knowledge levels. Providing anybody interested with access to the latest technology, training, fun an
d high quality "FREE" advice and support services and lets not forget about the multiplayer gaming!



following is a list of pages you can visit to learn more about myself , the site, and the History of Gameznet


Contents note- most of this is still being edited and collated!!
Gameznet Horror

The story of how Gameznet came about and then the shops demise.
An overview of My journey from 1995 - 2001, when I was forming the ideas and plans to build what I thought would be an incredible business that would be a worldwide success story only to pick the wrong partner to help me realise my dreams. Written from a narrators point of view.

Contains Personal journals, video footage, images, promotional files, copies of business letters and the complete history of my journey in my own words from leaving School, struggling on the work-unemployment roundabout getting into terrible debt, seeking my definate major purpose and then setting out to build a small business of my very own. Moves to cover the struggle of setting up my first shop which was lost to a failed business partnership that caused the demise of Gameznet and my franchise dreams. I provide my own dated journal which tells of the daily struggle I lived with dealing with debt collectors and the strain it put on my relationship with my fiance and our new baby while I was age 28.
It then moves through the story of my spin into complete despair and suicidal depression to my resurrection and re-determination where I rekindled my dreams by creating this website right up to my present d
ay activities.

Osborne Park Premises

Take a look at my first shop in Osborne Park
Includes video footage of the shop in early setup, pictures and a write up on the time I spent there before moving to a better location in Craigie.
This was the first dedicated LAN gaming centre in Western Australia and possibly Australia! 1996/7

Craigie Store

A look at the Second Shop in the Craigie Shopping Centre, things were really coming together here. the shop looked great and we had people visiting from far away places to get in on the multiplayer gaming action!
includes video footage of the shop, pictures and a write up
1997. Since the shop closed you wouldn't believe how many clones popped up around Perth duplicating exactly what I did here!


After The Gameznet shop I was employed by a local ISP who had been aware of what I did with gameznet and asked me to help them build a Games division based on my experiences . here is what I set up for them.

Special Interests

Complementing the Gameznet site is the "Special Interest Portal", This was a run off from the categorising and redistribution of "Free" shareware and public domain media on floppy disks which I was successfully doing before I got involved with my business Partner for the Gameznet shop.
The Gameznet special interest categories you see on the "homepage" are a direct result of the shareware disks and newsletter I was succesfully building back in 1995-1996 before I started working on the gameznet plans. This involved the compiling of special interest themes which included applications,images ,screensavers etc onto floppy disks (for example alien related items) This was all provided free however I charged a small fee for the disk itself and postage. I am now considering compiling intereactive CDroms for sale from the site, 1 for each catagory. If I go ahead with these Cd's they will be sold online from the site. This will include advertising each section in corresponding "special interest" magazines and websites. Which will not just sell the disks but have the added effect of advertising the gameznet website in a broad range of locations. An example of this is advertising the aliens CD and URL in Alien magazines, A games cd in games magazines etc. An affiliate program is also in the making so that other websites can advertise and sell any items from their websites by linking to any page in gameznet and getting paid a commision for any sales which are generated from the traffic they send to the site.

Original BusinessPlan

This is all the documentation that I had left of an original Amac Enterprises Business Plan which was first created during a government scheme I was on called the NEIS (new enterprise incentive scheme) in 1996. The NEIS scheme was put in place to assist the unemployed to get up and running in their own small business venture. The original business plan is what started the Gameznet journey which you can read about in the History of Gameznet above, then check out the business plan here which was guiding me. Unfortuantely my partner refused to return any of my paperwork or records after he forcibly took over my shop so I was left with only this earlyier draft , The final version of the plan was edited down and much more direct with real figures and graphs rather than estimates and was more attractive in presentation which made it flow a lot better. Anyway have a look and see what you think.

Consultancy Services

After I left Eon Technologies where I built GamesDen I ran a computer consultancy service for a while. Services included a computer buying service, where I assessed a clients PC quotes and discussed the quotes relative to the needs and budget of the client in order to help them make sure that they could be confident in not waisting their money or paying too much. I would assist them to purchase or upgrade their PC's and then continue to assist them to setup and learn how to use them. I enjoyed helping people to understand exactlly what they were buying , how much was too much and where to first focus their attention when choosing various hardware configurations. I would visit computer shops with the client and explain the components and compare quotes from various outlets and then discuss the best possible solutions to save the client money, time and a lot of frustration. My aim was to make sure the client was getting the best their money could buy and that their PC purchase covered their specific needs and wants. My consulting extended to assiting with setting up and configuring clients new systems, networking any old computers they may have already had and if necesary I also offered tuition services.
I specialised in assisting people who were new to computers helping them to understand the terminology by translating and speaking in terms they could relate to and taking the time to do things at their own pace. Every consultation was peronalised to the level of understanding of the client as everyone's needs and wants are very different. I did this service on a part time basis not to make a living but because I enjoyed it and I got no greater pleasure than realy helping somone to enjoy the experience of "getting online" and helping them to learn new things.

I have maintained my association with Eon Technology and resell and support their Internet services and e-commerce solutions.
My focus is shifting towards making an income online and I have begun building a network of websites. For the entire period of 2002 I have basically studied internet marketing tactics and online money making oportunities.

World Super Host -
A NEW BEGINING for 2003!

update Nov 2004 - Ummm took a lot longer than expected to get the hosting website worked out and then to come up with products etc terms and conditions etc. so as I write this in 2004 I am still working on world Super Host. The amount of time it takes to build somthing really makes me apreciate how incredible it is when blockbuster movies get made or incredible constructions get built...

How hard it is to start and keep your god damned small business, My hat goes off to every person that actually gets any kind of business up and running and to those that end up as millionairs, you guys are pure human genius!

After struggling through my journey I am still completely certain that the concepts and dreams which I have been working on over the years have always been valuable and viable. Such adventure does however require several years and substantial capital to do things correctlly. I have never had the capital but have also never let that stop me from trying. Schooling, contacts, economics and social background all play a part in whether you are able to fulful your dreams. Many outside factors are involved in controling the direction a persons life takes.

The ability to Adapt is somthing that is required if a person hopes to come out on top when everything seems stacked against them.
My plans have changed somewhat however I am determined to stay on my main path and help people to discover the good in computers and the internet. I strongly beleive that computers and the Internet have a very important function in our world and that we have not even begun to tap into this amazing tool.

I have recently started my own web hosting business called worldsuperhost where I intend to supply a quality website hosting business that provides people with everything they need to build and maintain their own website or network of sites. Of course what a person does with those resources is entirely up to th





Boy am I embarrased when I visit this page,
so much has happened which I have not updated......
I had such dreams for this section ..
scratch that!
I HAVE such dreams for this section ! and I will get back to it when the slate clears!

Im sure nobodies been here anyways but as my story continues this section is always on my mind and it will be up to date and complete eventually.


In summary 2004 - I have lived this year apart from Tash and the kids but we get on very well as a familly. I believe tash and I are in love but the road I have chosen to travel in life is just too tough on everyone for her to travel it with me. So she has had to take her own journey through life. I know the road will become easier eventually as long as I stay focused but I completely understand why I have to walk it alone for now, hopefully these roads will converge in the future.......
I have acheived tremendous amounts of progress, the learning never stops. Gameznet is developing well behind the scenes and the traffic growth has been consistently growing even though I simply cannot manage to work on all the sections I created. Frankly the site is a total mess but I have been working on the next updates without uploading anything and beleive me everything I have learned since I began the site will be reflected in and a couple of other domains I registered to spread gameznet out into a network of sites.

I have also Implemented Google adsense into Gameznet aswell as a few affiliate programs which have been a life saver this year since they have generated some income from my efforts. If it was not for those small but regular payments from such incredible programs as google adsense I would not have survived this year!

I apologise to anyone that has read my story and felt jipped that I stopped updating. Once I have relaunched the new Gameznet sites I will clean this "About" section up and fill in the rest of my story when the time becomes available. As a quick brief for 2004 I have been working on ways to manage the massive tasks of running a portal as ambitious and huge as the Gameznet site and have been flat out developing a solution for how to "make money" with it while keeping it all manageble and relatively easy to keep updated.

The results of all my research and development are slowly coming together and I have now designed a reproduceable portal system which I can supply to any customer of my Hosting business. Its all handled via a browser and designed to be easy for anyone to use even with little internet experience but it is still quite a long way from being a distributable system. I beleive I am on the right path and my purpose and devotion is crystal clear (to me anyway).

All that stands between me and my future success is time.

I have completed several " missions" which have consumed me for so long and unfortunately I have taken many wrong turns and gotten lost along the way at times. But I have learnt to survive and most of what I have learned along the way is stuff that I have needed to know and learn. Now the CashGenerator Portal System and the referral Builder are almost complete and ready for real live testing with the GOAL being to have several running by early 2005.
I've been working day and night all of this past year non stop on these projects and my heart tells me that it IS worth every minute I have devoted and that the pathways I have chosen to navigate in life have all lead me to where I am now and where I am about to go next....

My confidence levels are high because I can actually see where I have been and what I am creating as I go. All that I have done this past 12 months is basicaly planting some new seeds and nurturing them. Once I am finished on this task which should be within the next 12 months I can upload and hopefully launch my reproducible portal system and finally get the Gameznet site and sections finished. Once that has all been done hopefully things will continue to grow and run pretty much on autopilot from there. I know that eventually I will get past the financial struggles and one day I will no longer include not having enough money in my reasons as to why life is so hard.

My familly think Im crazy and just waisting my life away with computers, I often think they must beleive that Im playing games and stuff like that. For the most part they have all given up long ago trying to understand what I have been doing and Im sure they think that I'm just bumming my way through life or somthing, but I know in my heart that they will one day see that my dedicated devotion has not been wasted time and effort and they will also discover that I am indeed NOT insane, a bum or just some sort of total looser but rather someone who has built somthing real "not just virtual" that will not only bring me some rewards but provide a future for my children.

And soon my friend so will you...



So far this year 2005 which was supposed to be the turn around year has pretty much mirrored the previous ones. Struggle and more struggle including getting ripped off by an investment I had made in a program called Pure Investor. I had $25,000us invested of which I put in about $6,000 cash from my pocket and the rest was from people whom had purchased hosting from me using the Pure Investor payment system known as PicPay.
Around mid year Pure Investor was raided by Malaysian Authorities and closed down with the owner facing many fraud and other charges so I have lost the lot. That will teach me to invest in things without the proper due dilegence, expert advice and investment knowledge required. I was a sucker and learned yet another lesson about the greed of many people out there and Im slowly getting the message that you simply cannot just "trust" others who you dont know when it comes to business and money. Ive really got to keep my eye on the ball and stick with my plans to learn how to crack this problem and make my own money.

I have also had a LOT of problems with people not paying their hosting fees, recieving fraudulant payments, having a boarder who doesnt pay his share of the rent and bills.... it goes on...

So once again it all tells me that I have to stay focused on building my own websites where I dont have to rely on anyone to generate an income, stay away from performing time for money type services since most people dont want to pay and will rip you off if they get the chance. Avoid selling products for the same reason, its better to promote and sell other peoples products and receive some commisions for your efforts but you have to be careful who you decide to promote, Keep clear of investing in anything unless you really know what your doing and get expert advice first whenever considering an investment especially online.

I still havent completed gameznet or the portal system all though its had a LOT of work and progress this year but I have had to learn as I go so a lot of focus has been placed on learning still. Im still working on it all full time. have had another tough year financially just barely covering my rent and bills but have continued to receive regular affiliate cheques and payments which have kept me going and have been far more reliable than many of the hosting clients who never seem to want to pay their dues on time.

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Andrew McMullen
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