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Computers and IT and wishlist
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Computers and IT Animated Gifs Australia
Computers and IT
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Computers and IT Downloads Australia
Computers and IT

Tech Support: Browse Categories
GREAT Computers and IT Shopping
at wishlist "Australias Greatest Gift Store"

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Thanks to the Internet you are no longer restricted to shopping in your own country.
Use the links below to find more Computers and IT shopping at our other locations.
Tech Support Affiliates USAUSA

Find Computers and IT items at Wishlist

Wishlist is a fabulous online store with a wide variety of unique and different gift ideas. Since Wishlist specialises in providing quality gifts and wishes and really is a great Aussie Gift Shop with a cool range of unique and different "things" which you would may never have even thought to give as a gift or buy for yourself! Take a look at the images below for some cool items (refresh the page for random items) is definately a must browse if your looking for great gift ideas!

Here is what we found at wishlist.
Back to l Computers and IT Shopping!

Use the menu on the left to view items from wishlist matching our Special Interest Sections!

Computers and IT items we found at Wishlist

Computers and IT related items

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More Cool Aussie Shopping Sites

Top Shop for Computers and IT  Dvd's and Games
Find your next Computers and IT related videos, dvds and games here at Top Shop.
A favorite Aussie shopping site and one of the original Australian "DVD and Game Stores"
Seek Books
Are you seeking out Computers and IT related Books? Look no further than
Seekbooks maintains a database of over 1.2 million books from Australia, the US, and the UK all priced in Australian dollars and all discounted by 10%. They also have a Bargain Basement where all books listed are available at 50% off.
Buy Computers and IT related items from is an Australian based online store catering for a new generation of online shopping and bidding. What do we mean by this? It's simple, we offer two methods of buying at Direct Buying and Group Buying. Direct buying is the method we're all used to where you place an order, the order is processed as soon as it's received and the product is delivered. Group Buying however relies on many people getting together to purchase a product. The more people who are interested in that product, the lower the price will be. Imagine you walk into a store and you want to buy a Plasma TV. The price the salesman quotes is $9,999.00. Now imagine 50-100 people walking into the same store wanting to buy the same Plasma TV, and the salesman quotes a price of $7,999.00 as long as all of you are willing to wait for stock to arrive. That's what Group Buying is all about.

Find Computers and IT items at BuyQuick

BuyQuick is Australia's first online department store. They offer a huge range of more than 30,000 products from 12 different Departments! Up to 55% Off Retail. Buy Quick also offer many features to make shopping easy, fun and secure. Choose from different delivery methods, gift certificates, Shop by Product, Shop by Brand, Product search and more. This ensures that the online shopping experience is enjoyable and keeps their customers coming back. See what Computers and IT related items you can find

Didn't find what you wanted on this shopping page? VIEW MORE

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Check out the
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Find more Computers and IT related products and merchandise in the Tech Support Online Auctions

To find out more information on Wishlist check out the following search engines:

Google for results relating to Computers and IT:

Browse the search results from for Wishlist

Trivial Fun

My site is worth $1569.5.
How much is yours worth?

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(1 being the lowest rating and 10 being the best)

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Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
The ACC provides a great deal of information about Internet shopping publications to help protect consumers in the form of various publications such as:

Your online rights A flyer to help you understand your rights under the Trade Practices Act when shopping over the internet.

Warranties and refunds This publication deals broadly with what consumers and businesses need to know about warranty and refund rights and obligations (includes an example 'letter of demand').

Consumers This issue of ACCC update is targeted at consumers. It explains how the Trade Practices Act protects consumers and what the ACCC can do to help. It examines e-commerce from the consumer's point of view.

e-commerce This issue clarifies the legal rights and responsibilities of businesses that have websites. Businesses are often unaware of how the legal obligations of disclosure and business practice translate.

Shopping online Rights and obligations when trading over the internet—an ACCC survey of the top 1000 Australian consumer websites.

Online Shopping Checklist

The following information is covered by the ACC in their Online Shopping Checklist and is highly recommended reading for both consumers and those involved in an online business.

Identifying info, do you know who you're dealing with?
Description of product, do you know what you're buying?
Cost and currency, do you know how much you're paying?
Confirm the order, do you know if your order is correct?
Privacy, do you know how any personal information you submit will be treated?
Payment mechanism, do you know what sort of online security the website has for processing your payment?
Print out details, do you have printed copies of the terms of your agreement?
Delivery, do you know how long it will take for the product to get to you and who to call if it doesn't arrive?
Terms and conditions, do you know all the terms and conditions?
Refunds and warranties, do you know the business's return, exchange, refund and warranty policies?
Complaint handling and dispute resolution, will you have access to a complaints handling process or any external dispute resolution mechanisms?
Get the answers to these questions and more from the ACC's Online Shopping Checklist:

e-commerce Best Practice

E-commerce was developed as a model for best practice to help businesses meet their legal and consumer obligations in electronic commerce.


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Andrew McMullen
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