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Celebration Central Celebration Central AUSTRALIA

Dedicated to providing quality Holiday and Celebration related information and resources
Celebration, Holidays, Christmas, Birthday, Gifts,
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Welcome to Celebration Central.
A Gameznet Special Interest Portal dedicated to everything there is to know about Holiday and Celebration. Here you will find Holiday and Celebration related content and resources from around Australia and the world. For additional International Holiday and Celebration resources you can change locales by clicking on the flags below.
Celebration Central Locales

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Celebration Central AUSTRALIA
Celebration Central

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Holiday and Celebration related News Headlines
( from major Australian sources.)

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Holiday and Celebration Specialty News
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Holiday and Celebration News Articles and Resources Holiday and Celebration News

Catch up on Holiday and Celebration News from australian news sources or search for celebrations articles. Related Community News

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Download Holiday and Celebration related media and shareware files, software applications, music, screen savers, movies, skins, wallpaper and more. Submit Holiday and Celebration related Downloads

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More Features
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Directory of Holiday and Celebration related  links and websites Holiday and Celebration Link Directory   Holiday and Celebration related downloads Holiday and Celebration Downloads

The latest Holiday and Celebration related Top Sites and web Links. Submit your favorite celebrations links to our links directory. Vote for your favorites.

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Download Holiday and Celebration related media and shareware files, software applications, music, screen savers, movies, skins, wallpaper and more. Submit Holiday and Celebration related Downloads

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Holiday and Celebration Links
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wedding links
ebay is a great place to look for wedding items for sale
Would you like to know if theres any mention of wedding in the news.
wedding products and merchandise can be found in many fine Australian shopping sites.

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see if wedding themes appear in our collection of Holiday and Celebration games

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See what wedding items are listed today at 3 major ebay sites!


More Links can be found throughout Celebration Central

SUBMIT Holiday and Celebration RESOURCES

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Click your day then jump to the celebration for site links.
Australia Day
Fathers Day
4th July
Mothers Day
New Years Eve
St Patricks Day
Valentines Day

Australia Day

National Australia Day Council Info on this council that offers awards in recognition of national pride and identity. Read about past winners and Young Achiever of the Year.
Online Australia Day Arts and cultural support programs and resources from the Department of Communications, Information, Technology, and the Arts.




Birthday Party Ideas Find birthday party ideas including games. There's the chocolate game and classics like musical chairs.
Say It With A Cake Click on the thumbnail for a larger view of a selection of cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions. Email to order.



Christmas Down Under - Recipes Provides a list of recipes to serve for an Australian Christmas. Recipes include Christmas stars and shortbread, fruit nut wreathes, and pudding
Christmas Recipes From Australia Small number of recipes of sweet treats for Christmas. Includes Christmas Stars and Fruit and Nut Wreaths.
Christmas Trees Victorian company that have been growing Christmas trees for over 13 years. With contact details and a list of products available.
Coles Xmas Recipes Selection of Christmas dishes including traditional turkey with cranberry, apple macadamia roast pork and traditional Christmas cake.


Easter Locate a wide variety of ideas and fun things to do to celebrate Easter. Find out how to create bunny ears, egg baskets and tie-dye eggs.
Easter Theme Pages Quick crafts you can make to celebrate Easter, includes instructions on different ways to colour eggs, egg collage and rabbit crafts
Easter Bunny or Easter Bilby? Read about the push for an Australian icon to represent Easter. Contains press releases and info on the Bilby Appreciation Society.
Simplified Easter Dating Method The Astronomical Society of South Australia provides a useful tool for calculating the date of Easter from 326 to 4099 A.D

Fathers Day

123 Greetings Father's Day Cards Peruse a selection of animated Father's Day cards and learn how to personalize and send cards to Dad. Link to other Father's Day resources. Purchase traditional and gag gifts and greeting cards for dads.
Father's Day Animated Electronic Greeting Card Blue Mountain Arts offers a wide selection of Father's Day cards with animations and music. Find the perfect card and send it to Dad.
Parent Soup - Dear Ol' Dad Find a checklist for Dad so that he can order his own perfect Father's Day. Get gift ideas, print recipes, and link to chat rooms for dads
Marvelicious Happy Father's Day Graphic designer offers a history of Father's Day and provides links to gifts and electronic cards. Read stories and poetry about dads
A Guide to Celebrating Father's Day 4Anything network offers a directory of gift ideas and card services for dads and grandfathers on Father's Day. Link to dad testimonials
Father's Day Visitors can submit a tribute to their fathers, send a card and obtain gift ideas.



Australian Funeral Directors Association Resources include a profile of the AFDA, a directory of members, state and national office contact details and FAQs about the funeral process
Association of Australian-Owned Funeral Directors Features a profile of the AAFD, a directory of members, discussion forum and contact details.
Funeral Flowers Specialist florist dealing in funeral and sympathy arrangements. View the selections and place orders online

of the Declaration of Independence is presented at this site.


4th July -Independance day

Happy 4th of July List of links to 4th of July sites, including holiday, history, food, and activities sites.
4th of July Page Historical US documents plus patriotic music like Stars and Stripes, America the Beautiful, Air Force Hymn, and God Bless the US
Declaration of Independence The full text



Also see the Gameznet Horror Section

4 Halloween An index of Halloween links for costume ideas, decorations, games and children. Links to a collection of sites on vampires, witches and werewolves, ghosts, and haunted houses. Also includes scary tales and fun and games.
Halloween Magazine Play the Halloween safety game and link to party ideas, costume suggestions, recipes, and articles.
Pumpkin Masters Company offers a catalog of carving-aid products, and presents a collection of advice. Includes annual Halloween contests.
Halloween Recipes Features an extensive list of Halloween recipes including wormy baked apples, orange-ooze cupcakes, brain cell salad, and chicken pox pancakes.
Absolutely Halloween Find Halloween graphics, online games, stories, and decorating ideas. Download spooky MIDI files and read Halloween poems and stories.

Mothers Day Sites

Mothers' Day - Information Services Links to sites on the history of Mothers' Day and various sites with a maternal theme. From the Lake Macquarie Information Hunter.
Mother's Day on the Net Provides a history of the day celebrating motherhood. Includes poetry and QuickTime movies. Mother's Day Cards Send a free online Mother's Day card from a collection of humorous and sentimental templates
Mother's Day Greeting Cards and Webpages Create a personal Web page for mother. Users can choose from several Mother's Day designs and audio clips. Send a greeting card, stamped and delivered via US mail. Catalog includes cover images and inside messages for each card.




New Years

Happy New Year from Aristotle Read an archived series of resolutions from visitors to the site or submit a personal promise
New Years Eve Gig guide to festivities taking place in Australia on New Years Eve. Find locations of parties, pubs, bands and other special events.
Millenium 2000 Celebration Describes plans for an international, five day celebration honoring the turn of the century. Count down the seconds till 2000 and order commemorative goods


St Patricks Day

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St. Patrick - Will the Real St. Patrick Please Stand Up From the Christian Articles Archive, this four-part biography shares the life story of Saint Patrick.
St Patrick's Day Customs Explains the traditions and customs of 17th March. With links to greeting cards, Irish toasts, Irish history, and a screensaver.
Marvelicious St. Patrick's Day Page Brief overview furnishes a recipe for Irish coffee and dancing leprechaun icons.
CatScratch St. Patrick's Day Graphics Find background tiles, clip art, and banners illustrating Irish themes and items
Marlene's St. Patrick's Day Guide Explore Irish blessings, coloring pages, and introductions to special Irish traditions. Offers a collection of related stories.
AAA - Free St. Patrick's Day Clip-Art Offers several pages of images celebrating this most Irish of holidays, including leprechauns, shamrocks and green beer.



Thanks-giving Square Spiritual organization posts a mission statement, a historical overview, and details about Thanksgiving traditions. Includes a gift shop.
Welcome to The Center for World Thanksgiving at Thanks The International Year of Thanksgiving The 185 nations of the United Nations (UN) have proclaimed the year 2000 as the "International Year of Thanksgiving." As an integral part of this worldwide celebration,
Thanksgiving Poems: Giving Thanks Giving Thanks (Author Unknown) For the hay and the corn and the wheat that is reaped, For the labor well done, and the barns that are heaped, For the sun and the dew and the sweet honeycomb, For the rose and the song and the harvest brought home...


Valentines Day Shop for flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and other gifts for Valentine's Day. Visit the chat room and email a love advisor.
Epicurious - Valentine's Day Epicurious provides a host of recipes and tips for a romantic and tasty Valentine's Day. Find contact information for major chocolatiers
Clip Art of Romance Features clip art divided into categories such as cupids, roses, and animations.
Sugarplums From aphrodisiacs to poetry, this site explores satiating the senses as part of its Valentine's Day suggestions. It includes recipes for romantic dinners and desserts, suggestions for the right mood music and a collection of myths about love.
CNN Love Zone CNN Interactive highlights news stories which deal with romance, Valentine's Day, marriage, breakups, and unrequited love.
Send a Kiss Send a romantic virtual kiss to someone special online or a message by mail. Ideal for Valentine's Day and birthdays



Perth Weddings Online Guide to wedding businesses in the West Australian capital also features a checklist and an announcement service
The Wedding Garden Landscaped garden property located in Perth ideal for wedding ceremonies and vow renewals. See pics of the gardens along with a price list.
Canberra - Wedding Net Canberra Australia Extensive site covering all aspects of weddings. Find details of providers for services such as catering, accommodation and photography.



Trivial Fun
Thought for the day
Thought for the day

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