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Fishing Information

Fishing Information

Why Do You Need a Tacklebox?

A tacklebox or a tackle bag is a necessity to store your fishing lures, bobbers, and hooks. A tacklebox is a necessity to store your expensive lures.

The Fish Dont Care What You Wear

The fish don't care what you wear. Waders, vests and hats for fishermen are necessities to brave the elements.

A Big Fish Story

Ketchikan, located in southeast Alaska, is a good place to fish for halibut. Sally and John Balch live in Ketchikan and have a favorite spot nearby to halibut fish.

Four Fly Fishing Tips

Good Fly PresentationObviously, the goal when casting a fly is to present the fly to the fish in a realistic manner. You are trying to simulate nature here.

10 Fishing Gems

Fishing Gem #1 - When Is Best?If you are in a boat and plan to anchor and bottom fish, get out there before the sun goes down and set up .Over many years, it has been noticed that a good bite usually starts 2 hours before sunrise.

What Has Happened to the Cod Stocks Off the Shores of Newfoundland?

The Newfoundland cod stocks. What has happened to cod fishing off the Grand Banks of Newfoundland? Several centuries ago, John Cabot, sailing under the English flag, found the richest fishing area the world would come to know.

Do You Know How To Clean A Fish?

Now that you have caught your dream fish, do you know how to clean? Good job. You must be so proud of yourself.

Do You Know How to Fillet a Fish?

Finally you've caught the perfect fish. Now, do you know how to fillet your fish? You can't be happier.

Do you Know How to Take the Perfect Picture of Your Fish?

Nothing is better than to snap a photo of your big fish that you just caught. You've spent the day out on the lake and then you feel a pull at the line.

The Yellowfins from HELL!

Hi Lee Palm/Red Rooster crew(San Diego - California)..

Understanding the Effects Moonlight on Swordfishing

In order to better understand why swordfish concentrate their feeding habits in certain depths on any given night or why the bite is better during different times of the month requires you to better understand how the effects of moonlight influence swordfish.Before you can understand how moonlight affects swordfish, you must understand the moon and its phases.

Importance of Artificial Light While Swordfishing

The use of light, either chemical or battery powered plays an important role in catching swordfish. There is no question that the use of artificial light increases the probability of catching a swordfish.

Fishing for Salmon? Do You Know the Different Salmon Species?

Did you know that there are five species of Pacific salmon and one species of Atlantic salmon? Further, did you know that all 5 species of Pacific salmon run wild in Alaska?We're proud of our wild salmon here in Alaska, and rightly so. On the one hand the wild salmon are great sport fish and we Alaskans love to spend gorgeous summer weekends challenging them.

Marine News Fall 2004 - Endangered and Threatened in Florida

Our oceans are home to many marine mammals, fish, turtles, corals and others. The delicate balance between man and the ocean is constantly being challenged by the demands of our society.

Swordfishing in South Florida

Southeast Florida Swordfishing - "Purple Fever"Once you have your tackle ready to go, let us describe a typical drift out in South Florida's Gulf Stream. We are basing this drift using 4 lines.

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Young anglers compete for prizes--and have fun--at Kids' Fishing ...
Some of Buncombe County's youngest anglers got to try their hand at fishing on Saturday.The group met at Owen Park in Swannanoa for the county's Kids' ...

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Study: anglers spend $47 million fishing Missouri River
Idaho Statesman
According to a recent study, direct spending on hunting and fishing in South Dakota between October 2015 and October 2016 was more than $954 million. By comparison, the total value the state's wheat crop as estimated by the USDA was about $440 million ...

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Houma Courier

Scrap plastic pipes become artificial fishing reefs - News - Houma ...
Houma Courier
NEW ORLEANS — Plastic pipes that energy companies would otherwise send to landfills are being turned into "fish attractors " by wildlife biologists in at least ...

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Auburn Journal

Kids reel in results at Sportmen's Club's fishing derby
Auburn Journal
“We planted over 1,500 pounds of trout, including 40 trophy fish weighing 5-7 pounds each. About half of the farm-raised fish were donated by the Department of Fish and Game and we purchased the rest,” John Anaya, Placer Sportsmen's Club president said ...


Fishing boat in Sausalito used to save California salmon population
A fishing boat in Sausalito is being used to help save California's struggling salmon population by transporting the fish from a couple state hatcheries out to the ocean. (KGO-TV). KGO. by Sergio Quintana. Sunday, April 30, 2017 07:53PM. SAUSALITO, Calif.

ECM Post Review

Post Review | Thinking deeply about your own fishing
ECM Post Review
I will soon be out fishing, not in the office thinking about fishing. The sun will descend toward the horizon creating a masterpiece that needs no photo filter or ...
Several inland fishing seasons open today in Michigan | Fox17Fox17
What will fishing opener look like?Hibbing Daily Tribune
Two popular fishing seasons open today - Midland Daily NewsMidland Daily News

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The Herald Journal

Teens end day of fishing with a rescue | Logan Hj |
The Herald Journal
Two teen boys from Davis County found themselves in need of a rescue Saturday afternoon after spending the day fishing from the banks of Hyrum Reservoir.

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Albany Democrat Herald

Fishing derby draws more than 100 young anglers, families
Albany Democrat Herald
As the bright morning sun warmed the lake at Timber-Linn Park in Albany on Saturday, bundles of fishing poles stood available to any kid, dad, uncle or mom who wanted to borrow one. The Northwest Steelheaders Association, a group dedicated to angling ...

Fishing report: April 29, 2017
The creek was stocked April 18 as part of the Keystone Select Stocked Trout Waters, which is a program that provides anglers with opportunities to fish for larger trout. When fishing for the trout, anglers report slowing the drift of their bait in ...


Locals Get Ready for Hunting and Fishing Seasons
MEDFORD, Ore-- As the weather warms up, locals are getting ready to fish and hunt. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said to date, Oregonians and visitors have spent over two billion dollars on fishing, hunting, shellfishing and other outdoor ...

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