Moto Mate – Speedometer and Navigation


Moto Mate is a Free high quality Speedo, Compass and GPS navigation App that is available for IOS devices from the Apple Itunes App Store. Moto Mate is more than just a simple speedometer App!

Moto Mate gives you both the maximum speed you have reached as well as the average traveling Speed, It show your GPS coordinates, Direction your moving in and your current position on an easy visible map and you can monitor your speed in either km per hour or Mph.
Moto Mate Speedometer and Navigation is great for situations where your vehicle doesn’t have speed instrumentation or a GPS navigator such as when riding dirt bikes and other off road vehicles, racing and drag cars, boats and jetskis, bicycles, go karts, skateboards, roller blades, segways, even parachutes and hot air balloons.
Mount your device in front of your GoPro or Action Cam to have a record of your speed data recorded into your awesome action videos or mount your device on your favorite RC vehicles to see what max and average speed you reached. Moto Mate is also a useful speed and navigation tool to have while exercising and great to use while walking, running or riding to monitor your speed, direction, coordinates and location as well as track your average and maximum speeds reached.

Are you a passenger and want to know where you are and how fast your going ?

Moto Mate is perfect for passengers in any vehicle especially where you dont want to interupt the driver/pilot/skipper but you want to know where you are
and how fast your travelling.

FEATURES of Moto Mate – Speedometer and Navigation

Large Clear Speed
Switch between KPH or MPH
Displays your position on a large clear map
Provides you with your exact GPS coordinates
Displays realtime Compass Direction
Displays Max Speed Reached
Displays Average Speed

Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with
iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Download Iphone Version (SD version)

download iphone IOS App on the Apple itunes app store

Download IPAD Version (HD version)

download on the app store

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Moto Mate - Speedometer and Navigation

Moto Mate is a cool Speedometer, Compass and GPS navigation App that displays real time speed in kph or mph with compass direction and GPS coordinates as well as top speed reached and and average speed done. Available now for IOS devices from the Apple Itunes App Store.
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